VIDEO. Raheem Kassam flattens SKY over Trump sh…hole comment

In an outstanding interview, Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam pulled off the interview of the decade as he demolished the hypocrisy of SKY and defended the remark of President Trump over the bad state of certain countries.

The record of Sadiq Khan was annihilated by Mr. Kassam, particularly his appalling record on crime. Rapes have soared and youth crime is up  by an appalling 70%.

Sadiq Khan has failed to make his mark as Mayor, after the  extravagant promises he made when campaigning for the job.  These included being the most business minded Mayor ever (he has failed to raise a penny in funding or boost the economy), a promise to “pull Uber’s licence as soon as they break one law” (rapes by Uber drivers are sky high, they are regularly found to have no insurance,) but hasn’t done a thing.

He has cancelled his housing target.  He said he will reduce pollution, but refuses to cap minicabs. Crime is up in practically every area.  He couldn’t be bothered to campaign for Crossrail 2 so sent TfL to do it, the lazy git.  (Boris stopped George cancelling Crossrail only by saying he  would resign, that is how hard he fought.) Sadiq’s only claim to fame is to pull swimwear ads. from the London tube, so he wouldnt offend his fellow Muslims.

One would almost think he wants London to become a sh… hole.

Today Boris Johnson smackdown of the  “puffed up, pompous popinjay at City Hall” .

Kassam interview on  Sadiq and his”shithole London”  is here.  See the entire interview on this link. 

3 responses to “VIDEO. Raheem Kassam flattens SKY over Trump sh…hole comment

  1. Sky won’t be showing this video very often, far far too near the bone.

  2. Yes truly a brilliant interview by Raheem Kassam

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