Strike one! Labour chiefs finally clock on abuse is losing them votes!

You couldn’t make it up!  The penny has finally dropped that maybe the reason Labour are still behind May and the Tories in the polls is because of the abuse and harassment that is their strategy on social media.

Because of this, they are cancelling the youth wing of Momentum on Facebook because of abuse and harassment!   So now on twitter, the abuse has stopped. The endless repetition of the same message over and over an nauseam is still being used,  which is great for us.   It is definitely a turnoff. 

Show us the barren desert that is vile Labour tweeting, oh it is priceless. But Labour tweeters have little to work with.   Labour has no inspirational policies.

They don’t have inspirational politicians, as we do, that we look at and think WOW they are at the top of their game,  Brilliant communicators like Jacob Rees Mogg.   Fighters like Zac Goldsmith and James Cleverly.  Great ideas men like  Jo Johnson and Michael Gove, Or the outstanding visionaries, like charismatic election winner Boris Johnson,  who has every other quality too.

The very best commentators are Tory.   Andrew Neil.   Dominic Lawson.  Nigel Lawson.   Fraser Nelson.   These men are worth ten of their counterparts.  Labour’s  regular spokesmen are people like  Chuka Umunna,  and Kevin Maguire,  two men who use the same means as Labour tweeters as their weapons of choice.

I have always challenged the idea that Labour are great on social media.  They aren’t, and I am on here every day.  They are prolific yes.  Organised yes.  But their tweeting is based on abuse, endless  boring repetition and harassment.  Nothing else.  None of those things gets you votes.

On social media,  the Tories are not well organised.  We don’t mindlessly parrot  a message of the day.   But, as the raggle taggle Brexit army showed, we have the will.  We have the passion.  We have the belief.  Those things will always beat huge teams of paid robotic trolls with no heart, so to score a legendary win, it doesn’t even have to be our day.

10 responses to “Strike one! Labour chiefs finally clock on abuse is losing them votes!

  1. Brandon Lewis is not media savvy, if he spent time on twitter, he would know that LAbour social media is mostly abusive.

  2. If Labour tweeters quit the abuse, stop the harassment, and stop the mindless repetition, that’s their entire campaign, dead, right there! HAHAHA What else can paid trolls do, if they can even do that much??

    • There are terrific Tory tweeters on twitter and social media. I dispute the argument that Labour are great on social media, that is the spin they put about but the truth is they use a lot of paid trolls, you can spot them a mile off.

  3. On the subject of abuse the Tories need to be critical of the activities of John McDonnell and his incessant call to insurrection and violent abuse of Conservative MPs. We hear nothing. Both McDonnell are Marxist and have consistently consorted with terrorists. Why don’t we hear more from the Conservatives about this? If the next General Election campaign is fought as badly as the last one then we shall have Corbyn in Number 10, McDonnell as Chancellor, Diane Abbott as Home Secretary, Rayner as Education Secretary (who is unable to speak in sentences), a wrecked economy and a major security risk. Boris talks about the talent in the Conservative ranks and I would not disagree with this. So lets hear more from them

    • I do agree with you. Unfortunately Mrs. May is not convinced of the important of social media, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary. During the last GE, there was no organisation on social media that I was aware of, nor Brexit, but we won Brexit through sheer passion.

      Labour are supposed to be outstanding on social media. I have never agreed with that, Labour socialmedia is bullying harassment or endless boring social media. May lost her majority because of the manifesto, which voters saw as a betrayal and you could argue though, that people like John McDonnell convict themselves out of their own mouths and dont need attacking.

      • Don’t you do abuse on Twitter Angie? Searching out people to abuse who hold different views to you, particularly relating to Boris.

      • No I don’t do abuse on twitter. I sent Brandon Lewis copies of abuse of both Boris and Mrs. May to prove to him Labour are no good on social media. All they do is abuse Tories, harass people they see as threats and post robotic smear campaigns. The first two rather like you in fact.

      • I think your (unlinked) response is a lie

      • Everything on my website is verified. If you tell me which response you mean, will get you a link. I delete abuse BTW so have deleted two of your comments. If you are continually abusive will block you totally. You are letting yourself down.

  4. Labour abuse on twitter is absolutely filthy. c…. word the lot. it IS losing them votes.

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