Brexit cannot be stopped by MPs, says Brexit Minister Steve Baker

As David Davis dickers like a dodgy chandelier in a hurricane over May’s so called Brexit deal that is really no deal at all, there were encouraging words from Brexit Minister Steve Baker.

Brexit Minister Steve Baker (right), addresses the Lords Committee

Brexit cann0t be stopped by MPs.   Even if we get no deal at all, and Keir Starmer and Ken Clarke implode before our eyes like a couple of European fire bellied toads,  Brexit cannot be stopped! 

EU negotiator Michel Barnier wants any withdrawal deal finalised by October 2018.

Brexit minister Steve Baker told a Lords committee that, if the UK has not reached agreement with the bloc by that time, MPs would not get a vote.

He told this morning’s meeting the UK hoped and expected to get an agreement but would not commit to a Bill or parliamentary motion on leaving in March 2019 if they failed.

Mr Baker warned committee members: “The vote we have committed to is a vote on the withdrawal agreement.“Both Houses put through the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Act un-amended and the House of Commons voted for it by a very large majority.“The terms of that were clearly known to parliamentarians at the time which is that the treaties would cease to apply either when a withdrawal agreement came into force or after two years.

“So the House of Commons in particular has voted by a large majority to exit the EU on that day. “That is a decision which has been taken.”Lord Pannick appeared taken aback, asking: “But the constitutional implications of leaving with no agreement would be so enormous. “Would it not be constitutionally appropriate to seek the approval of Parliament for something like that?”

Mr Baker hit back: “Parliament has approved us exiting the EU on that date, that is my fundamental point.”
This is hugely heartening news for all of us who love this country and want to run our own country again.
All is not lost!  Courage mon braves! 

7 responses to “Brexit cannot be stopped by MPs, says Brexit Minister Steve Baker

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  3. Damn right it can’t be stopped. We have signed Article 50.

  4. Do you believe this Angie?

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