YAY! Tories take poll lead over Jezza and Labour……

Surely this is the final nail  in the coffin of intellectually challenged Jeremy Corbyn? YouGov reports that the Tories now have a narrow lead over Labour. Jezza seem to have a lot of time on his hand lately, spending time at teenage gigs and appearing on lightweight TV shows.  But the strategy of getting down with the kids is one that seems to have been his undoing.

While heavyweights like Boris Johnson are making brilliant speeches from the Foreign Office, (Boris recently met the President of Iran, only the third Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since 2003 )  the Labour leader is appearing on shows like Gogglebox.

Labour’ policy on Brexit is hopeless.  Keir Starmer wants regulatory alignment, easy movement,  and to stay in the single market and the customs union, ie.  we won’t be leaving.

Labour is unable to provide credible costings for its lavish promises, such as 250 billion on infrastructure. Balancing the books means more borrowing.

Labour sex scandals include an alleged rape and two suicides.  A Labour leader who lays flowers on the grave of a Palestinian terrorist is a outrage and should not be allowed.  Since Corbyn became leader, there have been a flood of anti semitic incidents involving party members.   Attitude stems from leadership Mr. Corbyn.

Unlike millions of the same age, Jezza hasn’t progressed intellectually.   GQ was appalled to discover he hasn’t read a book or seen in film in the last year!  He is still stuck in the sixties.

The Tories have been beset by problems,  Mrs. May is not connecting with voters, but in spite of everything,  she leads Jezza by 3 points and the Tories are ahead.   Has there ever been a more disastrous opposition than this?

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