Boris Johnson speaks to the House on his recent visit to the Middle East

The Foreign Secretary began:  With your permission, Mr Speaker, and following my undertaking to the House, I will make a statement about my visit to the middle east, from where I returned this morning. 

This is a crucial time in the region. On the one hand we have a moment of hope, with scores of countries having come together to break the grip of Daesh on Iraq and Syria. Britain’s armed forces have played a proud role in a military campaign that has freed millions, and Iraq’s Government declared on Saturday that all their territory had been liberated. During her successful visit to Iraq last month, my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister thanked the British servicemen and women who have helped to bring about the territorial defeat of Daesh. In Jordan, she reaffirmed Britain’s absolute commitment to the peace and stability of one of our closest allies in the region. However, the setbacks inflicted upon Daesh have coincided with a dangerous escalation of the war in Yemen, where one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world is now unfolding.

Read  the rest of this debate here.

8 responses to “Boris Johnson speaks to the House on his recent visit to the Middle East

  1. Agree all the tweeters who scream at Boris on twitter so lazy they never bother to check out what is really happening.

  2. I love Boris more than you do

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