Brexit showdown on 19th December between May and Boris

The tension must have reached breaking point as May and Boris prepare for a face off over Brexit on 19th December.  There is hysteria on twitter, as outraged Brexit voters overreact suspecting a May stitchup. 

Because Boris is in government, he is bound by collective responsibility, so cannot let off steam in the media.  But the only fighting that counts is the hard fighting in the government, and even though outnumbered by May, Hammond, Rudd and Davis, a wishy washy major disappointment,  Boris’s battle has been unrelenting in protecting what we voted for.  

John Redwood  clarified the situation in his tweet below. All is not yet lost, but Brexit is hanging in the balance.

Boris and Gove have restated that the red lines we all fought for re. Brexit cannot be moved. It is clear that, buoyed up by her Brexit betrayal  that was greeted ecstatically by the EU, May is planning to present regulatory alignment as unavoidable to Boris.  She has conceded to the EU all along the line so far and this is just the next step. But it  isn’t decided yet.

Ian Duncan Smith said, we won’t be able to do trade deal with regulatory alignment, it’s a trap.

This has all been stage managed by May hoping Boris will be distracted by his negotiations with Iran and the MSM is in full flood showering trolls on twitter to misrepresent the #Nazanin situation.

Michael Gove has said that the British people will be given the right to reject the Brexit deal in the next election, if they strongly disapprove of any more climb downs by May.  May has handled the negotiations in a weak kneed and placatory manner.   Boris would have taken a far  tougher line.  We would be out by now, and no divorce bill.

If, after the showdown Boris (and Gove) resigns in outrage, it will be hard justice.

16 responses to “Brexit showdown on 19th December between May and Boris

  1. May stitching up our country will see plenty of new MPs next election and they are not going to be Tory ones believe me.

    • Rod, as John Redwood explained, nothing yet fixed. Nothing agreed until everything agreed, including the divorce payment, which they wont get unless we have a deal we are happy with, MSM getting hysterical.

      • May will capitulate at every turn so it will come to the people’s voices to be heard at election time lots of toast to be enjoyed.

      • Does the ‘nothing is agreed…’ include the ‘full alignment’ clause? i.e. are we still able to walk away or are we now bound to that agreement?

      • NOTHING is agreed until everything is agreed! Twitter misinformed, and hugely overreacting! Of course we can still walk away! The ituation is nothing like as bad as people making out. Regulatory alignment is something May tried to trap us into. She has been taking action which will benefit Remain without consulting the Cabinet, totally out of order. Showdown between May and Boris on 19th Dec. John Redwood clearly explains this “agreement” is only an agreement to start talking!
        On twitter, everyone hysterical, because they thought it was the actual Brexit agreement done and dusted! NO WAY.
        Please be reassured that nothing is fixed or definitely agreed, not even the divorce payment. Everything up for negotiation.

      • Thanks, I hope you are right but the government need to confirm this ASAP, as it now looks like if phase II is not agreed NI and hence UK will have to remain ‘fully aligned’ and we can no longer walk away. I certainly hope we have not been locked in like this but I fear the worst. I hope you are right and I am wrong.

      • I am right. Why do you think Boris is having a showdown on 19th Dec. with PM?

      • If there was to be a showdown I would have expected it to be before May signed over our rights, instead Boris disappeared to deal with more pressing matters in Iran and then congratulated May on her deal instead of speaking out against it so I don’t expect much from Boris. Even if they get rid of May now it will be too late if the UK is now legally bound to full alignment unless they can demonstrate with certainty that this is not the case and ‘nothing is agreed’ still applies which I fear is no longer true. We will see.

      • May has not signed over anything. This is not the actual Brexit agreement, it is an agreement to talk about the subjects listed, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. We can still walk away and then we won’t have to pay divorce bill, and we will be bound byh NOTHING. That is still all to be negotiated.

        May clearly fixed this end to the first stage to coincide when Boris would be out of the country. However, you can see from my blog, a showdown is fixed for 19th Dec. when they will hammer out the things she can’t do.

      • THE SHOWDOWN IS IS IS IS before she signs over anything. Didn’t you even bother to read the blog I wrote on the showdown???

        Please read the tweet I quote from John Redwood. If you are so lazy you can’t even be arsed to read the facts, but just spout scaremongering from the MSM you are a lost cause. I try to make it easy for people setting out the facts.

        All that has been agreed is an agreement to TALK. Can’t you read FGS! I am sorry to get annoyed, but really how stupid are you people? This is NOT the Brexit agreement! It is an agreement to discuss the issues. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Get that into your head.

      • There is no need to be rude or to make personal insults. The EU and Ireland have stated that they believe it is a binding agreement so it is not at all as clear as you think. The EU have shown that they are far better at negotiating than our government so I am inclined to believe them over Redwood or a blogger until such time that a person of authority can demonstrate with 100% certainty that the UK is not bound to this agreement. I won’t be reading your blog any more so no need to reply to this as I won’t see your response.

      • Andrew I know, but now they know it isnt binding in any way. It is NOT a binding agreement, Ireland got it wrong, May might have confused people. But John Redwood explained clearly on twitter so that’s how I know.

        As David Davis says, it is a statement of intent only, not binding in any way. We could walk out without a deal if things go badly. I do get exasperated, because people jump to silly conclusions exactly as you did. It was obvious to me all along the Brexiteers wouldnt stand for it, and I never thought it was a firm agreement.

      • No point being touchy you got it totally wrong, and David Davis said on #Marr nothing was binding. The EU knew all along it wasn’t!

      • John Redwood is sub human

        I wouldn’t pizz on him if he was on fire

      • Wtf is John Redwood

      • I love your work Angie

        You are so intelligent and intuitive

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