Shameless Richard Ratcliffe is still not telling the truth over Nazanin charges

In what looked like the beginning of a climbdown, after letting Boris Johnson be viciously dumped on for a week,  the Mail reported:   “Richard Ratcliffe revealed Iran had been looking at extending her {Nazanin’s) sentence before Mr. Johnson’s gaffe, telling ITV news:  “In fairness, there were hints of new charges before he made the comments.”

There is no fairness in Mr. Ratcliffe’s comments, in fact, they are an outright lie.

Richard Ratcliffe knows better than anyone that as confirmed in the Daily Telegraph report of 9th October, the fresh charges had been detailed in full by then.  All charges had been detailed in full by then, in other words, Boris Johnson’s comment affected absolutely nothing.

We all understand Mr. Ratcliffe’s desire to free his  wife and spare her further suffering.  But to lie about the charges, so that the media could try to destroy the Foreign Secretary, the hero of Brexit, is absolutely shameful.  It is hard to feel sympathy for anyone whose behaviour sinks that low.

Mr. Ratcliffe is now complaining about the furore in the media, fearing this will harm Nazanin.   He ignores that if he had been honest from the start, and said all charges were made well before Boris made his comments, there would not have been any furore.  He is totally and completely responsible for the vicious attacks on Boris from the evil MSM.  Truth is a two edged sword  When lies are revealed there is a backlash.

Nazanin is a dual national, she is not entitled to British help, but in spite of that, the Foreign Secretary managed to reduce her  five year sentence to 18 months, before the Iranians produced fresh charges.  For this, he has not received the most perfunctory public thanks.

Labour have withdrawn their demand for him (Boris Johnson) to quit after her husband warned this would not help her case.

Mr. Ratcliffe speaks of fairness.  In fairness, it’s about time he came clean and told the public that Boris Johnson is totally innocent of harming the case of Nazanin.  Nazanin was in danger because of the BBC, through the work she did, albeit innocently, for the BBC and it is this misunderstanding that caused her to end up in jail.

Sneaky, dishonourable Richard Ratcliffe made Boris Johnson the fall guy.  He needs to put right the wrong he has done.

4 responses to “Shameless Richard Ratcliffe is still not telling the truth over Nazanin charges

  1. This article completely contradicts your version of events whilst actually not even contradicting the telegraph article

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