Brexiteer MPs may be outnumbered but on the field of battle they are worth 10,000 men. Each

Brexiteers are heavily outnumbered in Parliament and in the government, but so principled and brave are the politicians fighting for us, with such outstanding fighting spirit, I believe there is no doubt that Brexit, as we voted for it, will prevail.





I have been deeply moved to see politicians whom I knew little about fight like tigers for democracy, social justice and the rights of ordinary people.  This is what politics is supposed to be about.  It is inspiring stuff and restores my faith in politicians.

John Redwood.  Owen Paterson. Jacob Rees Mogg.  Priti Patel.  Gisela Stuart  Kate Hoey.  Nadine Dorries. Bernard Jenkins.  IDS.  Sir Bill Cash! Nigel Farage. and ex Chancellor Nigel Lawson have been outstanding.

As Remainers glibly declare they support the result of the EU Referendum, and then busily  work their hardest to undermine Brexit and support a foreign power,  because, as Keir Starmer once horrendously remarked “They know what is best for the people”,  politicians who fought and still fight for Brexit are epic heroes.  They are legends motivated by pure love of country, British sovereignty and respect for the  freedom of the working man.

Boris Johnson once said he trusted the people to make the right decision over Europe.  Boris – like Marshal Ney, bravest of the brave, but with much better  strategic skills, is the first to throw his body into the breach when there is fighting to be done.  Nobody has take more of a pounding than he, over the past two years.

To quote the trainer in Rockie, We saw him beat like no man had ever been beat before, but he still kept coming after them!

He is battled scarred, he has time after time risked everything.  He fights for us!  He and the Brexiteers who fight so fiercely with him can feel justly proud, because this is the most worthwhile cause they will ever engage in.

Brexiteer fighters are so sincere, focused,  passionate and determined, I believe with all my heart we will achieve the Brexit we voted for.  Wellington used to say about Napoleon On the field of battle he was worth 10,000 men!

That is true of every Brexiteer.  In battle they are worth 10,000 men.  Each.

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