Beautiful and inspiring Boris speech electrifies the Conference

Boris Johnson’s brilliant, inspirational and moving speech was without doubt the highlight of a horribly lacklustre conference. A standing ovation and again he is the darling of the grass roots.    Boris began: 

As our hearts go out to Las Vegas today we are reminded once again of the attack that took place here only a few months ago, on innocent and music-loving young people. And if there is a message to our American friends it is this: that they will come through it and they will come back from it stronger. 

Because this city has shown that nothing and no one can bow the indomitable spirit of the people of Manchester, which in recent years has reinvented itself as the great thrumming engine of the northern powerhouse.

With its vast potential to generate jobs in finance, in academia, in journalism and the arts – and that’s just the ones held by George Osborne. 

And since our subject this afternoon is how to win the future and build Global Britain I want to introduce our superb foreign office team

Our PPSs Conor Burns and Amanda Milling and our whip David Evenett.

And our ministers : covering the Middle East – already one of the most expert parliamentarians in that field – Alistair Burt, and covering Africa Rory Stewart

Like the pharaohs of upper and lower Egypt they are double hatted ministers in the sense that they simultaneously represent the FCO and DFID – bringing together our foreign policy with our aid programmes.

In the Lords we have Tariq Ahmad, who is working on ensuring that next year in London we make the most of an institution that takes 2.4 billion people and 52 of some of the fastest growing economies in the world and unites them in admiration of the service provided by Her Majesty the Queen – the Commonwealth.

And we will have a summit to do her justice

And just back from Burma – making clear this country’s disgust at the treatment of the Rohingya – Mark Field

And dynamically triangulating between Europe and America decoding President Trump for President Juncker and vice versa.

We have that Mount Rushmore of wisdom Sir Alan Duncan.

We have a great team and we are getting on with the job and yet frankly, folks, as I absorb the general tone of the national conversation I don’t think I have ever known so many to be sunk in gloom and dubitation about Britain and the world.

Every week I pick up British-edited international magazines, of the kind that you will find in the briefcases of jet setting consultants. Read the rest of Boris’s outstanding speech here.

Today Mrs. May gave her speech and a coughing fit meant it wasn’t an occasion to remember.  Sky News pointed out that the PM is not a good speech maker, happier out of the limelight.  She is also not a people person, and can’t talk easily to voters.  The speech was heavily criticised, and Sky News said Mrs. May desperately needs someone to provide ideas and direction for her government.

If Mrs. May can’t do all the above, essentials for the job, what can she do?  This begs the question what is the point of her at all and why is she even PM?

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