Truly inspirational, brimful of hope, Boris explains Brexit

Anyone who reads Boris Johnson’s article in today’s Daily Telegraph can be in no doubt we have to leave the EU.  We are not and never have been in sympathy with the fundamental concept of the EU.  As a trade arrangement, yes, but the EU interference in our political structure has always been a huge step too far.

Boris explains in some depth exactly what has always gone wrong with our EU membership – our fundamental belief that we cannot accept the core belief of ever closer union and an EU superstate.  And reform has never been possible.  The response has only been “more and more Europe!”  as EU chiefs endlessly complain about the moaning and groaning of the British.

So Boris says simply:  “It is therefore wrong that we should be there. ”

Boris then analyses the problems of this country and comes up with a host of suggestions how we can put things right.

He speaks of our immense can do spirit, but also of our fatal tendency to delay positive action.  He speaks of the many opportunities we can grasp hold of, and the pitfalls in our way.

Bill Gates believes we can lead the world and President Donald Trump is steadfast in supporting us on our new path.  This is a historic speech and a blueprint for the future, because although we will always be part of Europe, we were never ever meant to be part of the EU.

3 responses to “Truly inspirational, brimful of hope, Boris explains Brexit

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  3. Boris explains with overwhelming clarity why we had to leave the EU project. We never believed in the core principle from the start!

    It would be wrong for us to stay. say Boris simply.

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