Loyal Prez steadfast in standing by Britain

Donald Trump Ambassador Woody Johnson : ‘We Stand with UK Through Brexit, You’re Always at the Front of the Line’

We are so fortunate.  Never ever has President Trump been anything but unflinching loyal and generous to this country.

From the moment that this President took office and generously said whether we stayed or left the EU was our decision, no-0ne elses,  I knew he would be one of the all time greats.  This is my idea of Presidential behaviour.  

The Prez followed that up by saying “The British have always been such great allies!”  Heart warming words.    Let’s cast a veil over the treatment we had just received from condescending ex Prez Obama and Hilary Clinton.

In the US, the Republicans have tried to hogtie the Republican President,  as they did to Democrat Bill Clinton, when his first disastrous two years allowed them to take over the Senate.  In pursuing a deal with the Democrats on immigration issues,  the President is challenging forces in both parties in ways fundamental to their identities

So astute is this President, in an adroit sleight of hand, far from being hogtied, he is calling the shots!  Can this President triangulate the Republicans and Democrats to get deals?  And what else can he possibly have up his sleeve?

Mess with him and they will learn the hard way that President Donald Trump is a winner!   And we are honoured and blessed to have him as our dearest ally.

One response to “Loyal Prez steadfast in standing by Britain

  1. You are right, we would be toast! They would have carved us up between them.

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