Boris vindicated. Proof we give £660 million to EU a week!

As  the smears, lies and vile abuse raged around him, Boris Johnson’s dignified response was that he stood by his referendum claim that we give £376 million a week to the EU – or more!

Now the truth is out!  Since 2010, we have given a stonking £660 million a week to the EU.  

Previous estimates did not include  more than £80billion lost to the Treasury after the European Court of Justice forced tax rebates to multinationals and £50billion in Eurozone bailout obligations.

I’m no mathematician, but even I have continually said, Why did the figure of our weekly payments not include bailouts?  In membership fees alone, after the rebate has been returned Britain has paid out £70.6billion in fees.

But the Bruges Groups says our real financial commitment is £275.08billion. They say:  In 2014 the UK was forced to hand over an extra £1.7billion after the EU bust its budget. 

These figures grossly underestimate the true level of Britain’s financial exposure over the past seven years

Robert Oulds

It was the year that then chancellor George Osborne announced a £12billion welfare cut as part of a plan to mend Britain’s deficit.

Crucial to the equation, says the Eurosceptic group, is the £40billion spent on propping up the euro and bailouts.

The link to the Bruges Group research is here.

2 responses to “Boris vindicated. Proof we give £660 million to EU a week!

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  2. Who’s lying to the people surely not the politicians again something needs to be done to stop the lies and deceit from government

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