Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

What can they have to talk about?  Michael Gove and George Osborne were spotted this week on holiday together in Germany.  The former Cabinet pals were pictured attending Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in the Bavarian town Bayreuth – an opera about the struggle for power.

The pages of the London Standard seem dipped in acid, as George works out his angst trashing his nemesis, Boris Johnson and ripping into Theresa May in the nastiest possible terms.

Osbo can’t be thinking of getting back!  He’s about as popular as dose of radiation.  As for Gove, lean on George and you both fall over.

I wonder how Theresa May feels.  She gave Gove a chance to get back into government when he was an untouchable, and now she knows he is probably spouting cabinet secrets to her arch enemy. Gove and Osbo have a lean and hungry look.  Bojo better get somebody to taste his food!

Sam Cam’s sister ex Vogue editor Emily Sheffield, warned Mrs. May “Put a foot wrong and we are coming for you”, an Osbo favourite phrase from “Luther”.  If they didn’t spend so much watching tv, they would get more work done and maybe they wouldn’t have to keep knifing each other.

4 responses to “Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

  1. Not again! Don’t they learn? Gove got back into government, but I suppose knuckling down, doing a good job for the country, is just too boring for these people!

  2. Politicians know its one thing knowing it
    another thing proving it make your own minds up.

    • I cannot BELIEVE they are at it again. Hope that the jogger shoving a lady under a bus doesn’t give them any ideas.

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