Rein in Uber! Sadiq Khan skewered by furious Assembly members

For once every single member of the London Assembly is united against the Mayor of London over maverick, rule breaking Uber.  The Uber licence is up for renewal in September, and if Sadiq Khan is fool enough to renew the licence, he will be ripped to pieces by his own Assembly members. 

Sadiq’s big mouth bragging has finally come back to haunt him.  This is the man who vowed when he was running for Mayor that if Uber trangressed only once, he would pull their licence!   There are so many reasons to pull Uber off the road, critics have lost count, but instead, a year after becoming Mayor, Khan renewed the Uber licence. 

UKIP Assembly member David Kurten said in July:

One year on from his election he (Khan)  has renewed Uber’s operating licence despite grave concerns about Uber’s working practices, driver safety, increased allegations of sexual assaults by Uber drivers, tax avoidance and the potential quagmire of alleged corruption between Uber’s previous bosses and members of David Cameron’s administration.

I believe there are now so many problems caused by Uber’s practices that they do not deserve any more chances. It is time to pull the plug on Uber in London – unless it does something dramatic about its working practices.”

His motion, seconded by Labour’s Navin Shah,  was carried unanimously.

Cowardly Sadiq recently ducked the issue  by renewing the digital cab service’s private hire licence but only from May 2017 to September 2017, despite huge concerns over driver welfare, reports of sexual assault and others.

Before the election, lavish promises from Sadiq led black cab drivers to believe Sadiq was on their side!  Now they are convinced he is in league with George Osborne to push black cabs off the road, and a driver told me today, the Mayor won’t even speak to them. The press and tv media have been bought off.

Black cab drivers must feel utterly betrayed.  Black cabs have loyally served London since the days of Oliver Cromwell.  Their only crime is to be the best cab service in the world.  This is worse than shabby treatment and I back every member of the London Assembly in their stand.

Watch yourself Sadiq!  You’re not getting away with this…….

3 responses to “Rein in Uber! Sadiq Khan skewered by furious Assembly members

  1. Mr Khan! Man up and support the Btitish people.You and your collegues must know the mayhem ,accidents etc….that uber are delivering on our streets on a daily basis
    If you stop media coverage of the statistics you are leading the public into danger…You are forcing issues that can be easily remedied. .Have the backbone to say “No more “.You will be respected and supported by the public.You can stop uber from being relicenced.Protect the British public ….NO MORE RAPE..NO MORE ABUSE OR CONNING THE PASSENGER.(of giving them the safe journey that they need).

    • Well said Lucy! It’s absolutely appalling what is happening to the black cab trade, they are the best in the world! They win the competition for world wide best cab service every time! Sadiq Khan is SHAMEFUL.

  2. Better late than never but Sadiq had the power to pull Uber’s licence ages ago. This is one of the scandals of the decade, as you say black cab drivers the best at what they do in the world.

    Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of this betrayal. if he dares to renew Uber’s licence, he will be flayed alive!

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