George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

For a journalist, Dan Hodges is a nice guy, down to earth and not a bit stuck up.  His Achilles heel is he is so innocent, he shouldn’t be let out alone.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson gave a huge amount of help to George, even  bailing him out when the economy was tanking by giving him some sound economic advice.  George of course claimed all the credit, and for while some innocents, including Dan, actually believed him. Boris’s reward as proudly revealed by Dan, was George then said he intended to “knife Boris in May 2016!”.  

I am sure that Dan himself blushes with embarrassment when recalling another article he wrote extolling George, when he called him “the Cooler King of British politics”.  According to Dan, the roar of George’s motor bike was once again being heard around No. 10, as his chances of leading his party revived. (Ha Ha!) This was written a few weeks before the verdict on the EU Referendum.

Dan wrote: “But quietly and skilfully, Osborne is starting to use the campaign to redefine himself, and in so doing redefine the terms of the Tory leadership race.”

“Team Osborne think they have something else in their favour. The fact that they have backed the winning side. ‘Winning changes the narrative,’ one Osborne ally told me. ‘The whole Boris offer is built around the fact he’s a winner. If Out lose, he will be the face of that defeat.’”  Oh Dan, Dan, what were you thinking?

Osbo did have one ace up his sleeve. There is solid evidence that Gove didn’t act alone when he wrecked Boris Johnson’s leadership hopes, and it has been implied that Osbo and Cam were in it from the start.  Will besotted Dan see this ignoble behaviour as another example of Osbo’s fitness for the top office? Can’t he see that Osbo lacks talent, always got other people to do his job for him, and his only talent is that he is an A1 backstabber?

When Nick Clegg stormed out of the ill fated Coalition, he blew the gaff.  Cameron and Osbo, he announced, were petrified of Boris Johnson.  They didn’t take a step without considering what Boris would do first.  George also grandly announced just before he got the boot, that  he  would be willing to accept the role of Foreign Secretary.

For Dan,  the penny hasn’t yet dropped.  Still taking dictation from George Osborne,  still Trilby to his Svengali eh?   You are not really the right person to say what sort of place Boris Johnson is in,  are you?  Osbo is still obsessed with the blonde Cyrano and his panache, just read the London Sadist.  If he’s not spouting lies about Boris, he’s petulantly trashing Theresa May,  when he’s not using Boris’s  piccie in his coffee break as a darts board.

Yup,  I’m guessing that it will be a long cold day in hell before that motor cycle is heard around No. 10.  In fact, the bike has clearly stalled forever, however, much money its owner is earning, because the owner has fallen off.  He’s back in that cell,  although this time, it’s a golden cage.

One response to “George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

  1. They all have a go at Boris because he has the one thing they lack – huge political talent. Add to that charisma, charm, and sex appeal, no wonder they never stop hounding him.

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