Boris is fighting Brexit from within the Cabinet, to protect his party

When Boris was Mayor of London, the battles for the rights of Londoners, the black cab trade,  police numbers,  funding and economic decisions,  were always full bloodedly thrashed out in private,  away from the media.

So discreet was Boris, at one stage, he was getting it from both sides. Black cab drivers were abusing him on the roads as he rode his bike, while Osbo and Cameron were ganging up to force him to favour Uber, and push black cabs off the road. An immovable Boris wouldn’t shift.  He didn’t think it was right, so in the end, Osbo took the issue of Uber away from Boris and handled it himself.

Public rows damage your party. Recently,  Philip Hammond said there should be no immediate change to immigration or trading rules when Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, and that a shift to new arrangements could last until mid-2022. He told Goldman Sachs he was pushing for a long transition period.

Behind the scenes activity then forced Hammond into am embarrassing climb down.   Freedom of movement will end in March 2019 and it is “wrong” to suggest arrangements will stay the same after that, Downing Street said. Hammond suddenly decided to agree.

Sacked chief of staff,  Svengali Nick Timothy,  said yesterday that the PM is still prepared to walk away from the EU without a Brexit deal rather than agree to unfavorable terms.

May is a Remainer and apparently left Hammond in charge when she was on holiday.  Just who was influencing whom and who was responsible for Hammond’s humiliating flip flop is open to speculation.  One thing is certain. The battles were fought as they should be, not in the media but from within!  And the will of all true Brexiteers obviously prevailed.

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