Boris lists the ideas that have made Britain great that the EU is trying to destroy

In the Lowy Lecture in Sydney last week, Boris explained the series of ideas that have made Britain great.  These are the ideas the EU is trying to destroy. The picture below is Cleisthenes, called the father of democracy. 

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Habeas Corpus
  • An independent judiciary
  • Freedom to make fun of politicians in whatever way we like, ie free speech.

Most of these ideas are rejected by the EU.  Democracy is not recognised by EU Chiefs, who freely admit their members are not allowed this right. The EU wants a superstate, not the democratic system. A democracy is a political system, or a system of decision-making within an institution or organization, in which all members have an equal share of power.   EU chiefs insist on removing the democratic rights of their members.  The EU is not a club, because in a club, all members are equal.

The rule of law is based on four principles.  Arguably,  the EU does not abide by all these principles.  Laws are churned out by Brussels, and Britain only has the right of veto on 20% of EU principles.

Habeas Corpus is held up as a beacon of justice throughout the world.  Corpus juris, is the EU system.   Corpus juris, used by our continental neighbours, is not a system of justice we should be welcoming in the UK. It is alien to our beliefs of “innocent before proven guilty” and of limiting the power of the state. Once the power of law enforcement has been handed to another institution, (ie. the EU), there is no guarantee we can get it back.

Certainly the endless rhetoric of “repatriating powers” to Westminster politicians, scared of the increasing hostility to the EU project and the rise of Ukip, has seen no reversal in the flow of powers. Reform has been utterly rejected.

Deeply concerning criticisms of the EU legal system are made in this article in the Independent.

Although the EU insists they support the idea of an independent judiciary, there are inconsistencies in the system.  The EU is threatening to remove the right to vote from the Poles, because they wish the executive to appoint judges. However, in the Czech Republic, the executive has always chosen judges.

The EU cannot possibly claim to uphold the right of free speech.  Their tv media is heavily censored.  There have been huge demonstrations again immigration for example, in Germany and throughout the EU, but details never filter onto tv screens.  In Britain, the EU pays millions to our tv channels who determinedly spout EU propaganda hoping to brainwash the masses.

As in Ancient Rome, citizenship is giving way to slavery.  Under EU rule, we are moving backwards.  We cannot allow this to happen.

Update:  Plans are underway for British Law to once again overrule EU law.  This is a huge victory and a fantastic development.  Nobody has fought harder than Boris Johnson for the rights and freedoms of ordinary people.  Well done Boris.

2 responses to “Boris lists the ideas that have made Britain great that the EU is trying to destroy

  1. Whenever I raise this issue with Remoaners, they always refuse to reply. They are vocal and vehement when attacking the so called “appalling” results of Brexit, but refuse to answer a straight question.

    Are they honestly saying this country is better off losing our legal system and democracy, to be dominated by Germany?

    No Remoaner admits they are anti Brexit for selfish reasons, they don’t five a damn if the poorest lose their rights and bear the brunt of too much immigration, stress on public services, etc. All they are thinking of is themselves.

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