Boris ex economic adviser clobbers Hammond

It sticks out a mile that Philip Hammond’s claim that there is consensus within the Cabinet that there should be a transitional deal after March 2019 is a big fat lie.  Liam Fox is fuming, reported SKY and more importantly, Gerard Lyons, ex economic adviser of brilliant Boris Johnson has taken Hammond firmly to task.

Boris himself has maintained a diplomatic silence.  He has always believed in fighting his corner from within.   But Gerard Lyons, his ex economic adviser has leapt into the fray.  The Sun reported: 

THE Chancellor’s Brexit transition plan has been ridiculed by Boris Johnson’s economic right-hand-man.  Gerard Lyons, a leading City economist criticised Philip Hammond for using Theresa May’s holiday absence as a chance to promote his personal views on Britain’s divorce from the EU.

Last week, Mr Hammond instigated the Government’s most significant change in Brexit stance in the last six months as he unveiled a new “transition” proposal.

Under the plan, UK Brexit benefits will not be felt immediately, but instead, they will be slowly introduced over a three-year-period leading up to the 2022 General Election.

His proposals would enable EU migrants to continue freely moving into the UK after Brexit and European Court of Justice rulings may still apply.

Blasting the plans, Mr Lyons demanded it be shortened by a year.

He said: “There is alarmist talk of a cliff-edge. It reminds me of the Y2K bug where computers were apparently going to stop at the millennium.”

A spluttering Liam Fox, fresh from discussing a trade deal with the US,  also made it plain there is no consensus from government on this.

The David Davis camp is waging outright war in the media today, blasting the Chancellor for “discourtesy” to the PM, as Fox also denied a Cabinet deal.   David Davis has ground to make up, after he took his eye off the ball and groped Rachel Johnson, while calling Boris “toxic”.

Hammond’s action is generally regarded as sneaky, arrogant, underhand and a slap in the face for the British people, who deserve to have the Brexit they voted for.

2 responses to “Boris ex economic adviser clobbers Hammond

  1. Grenville Warne

    Philip Hammond should be sacked, if he had his way, we’d stay in the EU!!!

    • I agree. I also think May agrees with him, she’s well out of the way, but she has always been a Remoaner, I simply do not believe the tales of them falling out.

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