Boris Johnson lionised as he gives the Lowy Lecture in Sydney

It is an honour for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to be asked to deliver the Lowy Lecture in Sydney.  He follows such famous names as Angela Merkel,  General David Petraeus, one time head of the CIA, Rupert Murdoch and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Stephen Lowy joked he had a “lovely Russian fella fix my laptop”, and he was given a tip on the US election. 

Australians clearly have the highest opinion of Boris.  He is described as one of the most compelling and original figures of his generation, who has already changed the world.  If Boris had not led Leave, we would not be leading the EU.   He is the only Boris anyone is Washington is prepared to admit they know, quipped the speaker. We should be proud to hear that when asked which country do Australians believe behaves most responsibly in the world, 90% said Britain.

To watch the video of Boris Johnson’s speech, please click here.

A colourful description of Boris’s hilarious speech is here from the Daily Telegraph.

3 responses to “Boris Johnson lionised as he gives the Lowy Lecture in Sydney

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  2. Boris is only getting what he deserves in Oz, the compliments merely reflect what a towering figure he is, who has already changed course of history and will continue to do so.

  3. Deeply thought out, deeply felt and also amusing speech, well done Boris. Aussies clearly worship him.

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