Boris is so popular in Australia, they have made him an honorary citizen

Boris Johnson is hugely popular in Australia, so much so, he has been made an honorary citizen of the country.   It’s easy to understanding why.  Sports mad, rugby loving, straight talking Boris is the Aussies’ and Kiwis’ kinda guy, so it’s no wonder his speeches and jokes went down a storm on this trip. 

The speech below was greeted with howls of laughter. The Australians are smart enough to know that if they want a brilliant deal with Britain, Boris is the way to get it.

He also appreciates the rich cultural life in Sydney.  The Sydney Opera house is being refurbished, and having asked how long the renovations will take, Boris quipped  “it’s not over until the fat lady sings!”.

In another video here, Boris thanks his pal Julie Bishop for giving him a specially suitable present.

This trip covered Japan, where Boris scored a huge financial hit by ensuring the continuation of billions of Japanese investment.

He was equally popular on his first visit to New Zealand, a country that Boris described as the most beautiful he has ever seen.  His jokes,  speeches and love of sport, as well as his financial nous are completely in tune with the Kiwi mentality.  Down Under, be in no doubt, Boris is the The Man.

One response to “Boris is so popular in Australia, they have made him an honorary citizen

  1. Of course Aussies love Boris, ex rugby player, still plays tennis with huge enthusiasm, macho, good at banter, brainy, their ideal man.

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