Boris Johnson is a fighter. His rivals hide in the dark

There is no politician in Parliament right now who is more of a fighter than Boris Johnson.  He says what he thinks.  And he has the guts to back it up with action. Boris has fought 5 elections, leading from the front, and to the fury of his rivals, he fought winning every time.

To take London, his performance was outstanding.   He beat a 19% swing to Labour to knock out Ken.  Then he did it again, , an achievement that will probably never be repeated. 

Boris’s maternal grandfather, Sir James Fawcett, was a member of the European Commission for Human Rights for 22 years. Through him,  came Boris’s deep belief in free speech, the right to equal citizenship without racial discrimination, and the democratic rights of the ordinary man.

He has backed up those beliefs with the best record in Parliament on social justice. Others may talk, Boris achieves. Jeremy Corbyn, certainly one of the best talkers, has achieved nothing to imporive the lives of the poorest, despite talking about it for 40 years.  Demos don’t count.

Others say they believe in Brexit, but where were they when the fighting needed to be done?  Boris laid his body on the line and  fought for our freedoms, democracy and the rights of ordinary people.  He risked his entire career.  His trembling supporters knew that if he lost, he would have been finished.  Viciously ripped to pieces by the likes of cowardly, underhand George Osborne.

It turns out that Jeremy Corbyn, so called man of the people, has been lying to those people all along.  The much vaunted promise to abolish and refund student fees was a lie.  And the big surge in Jeremy’s vote is partly down to a cheating  scandal.  He stoops to conquer.  Brave man.

The Foreign Affairs selection committee’s verdict on Boris as Foreign Secretary is that he is outstanding.(bottom of link)   His staff are amazed at the speed at which he absorbs his briefs, and the depth of his analyses of world problems.  This highly complimentary analysis is recorded in Hansard twice. The House of Lords praised Boris’s grasp of events as “exceptional”. (bottom of link).

Journalists who bother to do any research, say he is the most talented Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon. Top US aides after in depth conversations with Boris, say he is brilliant.

But then there are the journalists who don’t do research.  The ones who trade on previous reputations, who say confidently, without any evidence, that Boris is no good at the job.  The ones who are told “Do a hatchet job on Boris Johnson”, make it all up and preen themselves they are relevant and fair minded.  These are the cobras, the adders and the black mambas of the political world, who hiss their poison from the safety of national newspapers.

Because the Labour and Remoaner way of fighting is to fight in the dark.  They get paid trolls with hardly any followers and journalists who can be bought, to do their dirty work for them.  That’s not counting the tv channels who so distort the news the news is always fake because they are getting £MMM from the EU.

Meanwhile, Boris, like Cyrano, concentrates on doing the job, taking on the obstacles a hundred at a time,  ignoring the jibes. Surrender to adversity?  Non merci!  He can’t be bought, and he makes up his own mind.   Because as Einstein said “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

2 responses to “Boris Johnson is a fighter. His rivals hide in the dark

  1. Adam Boulton can wave goodbye to his reputation for being fair. Twice now he has written articles in the Times smearing Boris Johnson with no evidence whatsoever to back up his nasty claims. This is the second.

    Boulton urges Theresa May to sack Boris Johnson criticising his performance as Foreign Secretary. The evidence is totally against that.

    He did a hatchet job, then announced on his website he was fairminded and balanced, absolute lie. Paid hack now.

  2. Sick of back stabbers and fence sitters.

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