Liar liar pants on fire! Proof Corbyn lied over student fees

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner made this statement about student fees, on 22nd May 2017.

“The Labour leader and shadow education secretary Angela Rayner announced this morning that Labour pledged to abolish/refund student fees and the  statement couldn’t be clearer!  Read the entire article here

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn blatantly lied on the Marr show that this was just an aspiration.  What you do expect from a man who in GE2017  endorses cheating on a massive scale from the student fraternity?

The Guardian gave full details of how Corbyn intends to abolish student fees as early as autumn 2016.  Now backpeddling, this has to wreck the faith anyone with a brain has in Jeremy Corbyn. *

Here another Labour shadow minister confirms Labour “will wipe out all student debt.”  

The Mirror is the most laughable of all!  They printed a headline saying:

Tuition fees for tens of thousands of students to be scrapped by Labour

but now insist he never lied,  HA HA  HA.  This is now the headline.

No, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t ‘mislead’ people over tuition fees – and Theresa May is misleading people about it.

Heavy hint from Corbyn that he will also REFUND student debt here.

One response to “Liar liar pants on fire! Proof Corbyn lied over student fees

  1. Jeremy is a gutless coward. Poses as man of the people, has achieved nothing, stoops to cheating to win. Oh, and lies about student fees. Just disgraceful.

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