World class salesman Boris scores a financial hit in Japan

Boris Johnson, on a 3 day visit to Japan, has seemingly managed to secure the continuation of multi-billion pound Japanese interests in British business.   

He has an outstanding record as a world  class salesman, according to Standard journo Pippa Crerar.As Mayor, Boris had an outstanding reputation of success in raising investment for London, the money flooded into the city in billions.  He also raised millions in deals and £500M in funding for Londoners.  The website Westmonster reports:  Boris said: “I have found a wide measure, or a growing measure, of understanding about what is involved.  

“They see the possibilities of a great new free trade deal between the UK and the EU, and you can see the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

“We have seen since June 23 record investments in the UK – 2,200 separate investments.  For the rest of this exciting article please click here to read it on the Westmonster site.

Optimism, a brilliant brain and persuasive skills win it for Boris every single time. 

2 responses to “World class salesman Boris scores a financial hit in Japan

  1. All the moaning and groaning wrong, everyone wants to trade with us and our economy is outgrowing the Eurozone.

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