New MP stuns the House with rousing maiden speech praising Brexit

A new MP stunned Parliament with what has been described as an outstanding maiden speech.  Kemi Badenoch passionately praised the Brexit decision when she said “I believe the vote for Brexit is the great ever  vote of confidence in the UK!”   So do I. 

Kemi Badenoch, the new MP for Saffron Walden, was showered with praise by her colleagues when she said  she had dreamed of being involved in a movement like Britain’s departure from the  since she was a young girl.  Ms Badenoch said while people are “widely concerned” about Brexit, she believed the country would prosper outside of Brussels’ political project. 

Kemi said:  “I believe the vote for  was the greatest ever vote of confidence in the project of the United Kingdom. That vision of a global Britain is a project as a young African girl I dreamed of becoming part of.

“As a British woman, I now have the great honour of delivering that project for my constituents in the greatest Parliament on earth.”

Kemi then crushed the Corbynistas by saying while often confused for a Labour politician, she declared her “unlucky” experience living under socialist policies “is not something I’d wish on anyone”, and that is why she is Conservative.

“The British Parliament always has adjusted and that is why it is the oldest in the world, because it takes the lead from the British people.”

We need more positivity, we need more visionaries who see the opportunities and who realise Britain has so much to offer the world.  Boris Johnson is renowned for his boundless optimism and faith in this country.  Now other MPs should speak up, and show their faith in our future,  Brexit and the British people.

The moaners and gloomadons have had their say long enough.  Never for one second have I doubted that we are doing the right thing in leaving the corrupt, stifling EU.

2 responses to “New MP stuns the House with rousing maiden speech praising Brexit

  1. Excellent speach with the quality of this lady the labour left better watch out & I say that as a former labour party member who no longer supports labour

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