Now students brag about voting up to six times in GE2017

As Labour refused to support a motion that anyone proved to have voted twice should be banned, there are now claims that some students managed to vote six times in the recent general election,   after taking polling cards of friends who did not intend to vote and pretending to be them.

An unnamed MP told the Daily Telegraph that they had heard students bragging that they had been able to vote for Mr Corbyn several times.  But police in Canterbury and Lincoln – two of the university towns where double voting is said to have taken place – say they are not investigating the issue!  Why the hell not?

An outright ban of people who vote twice has been called for by Tory MP Peter Bone and ex Tory Minister Sir Henry Bellingham wants students only registered at their uni address.  But Labour spokesman Cat Smith rejected both suggestions.

The electoral watchdog has received over 1,000 complaints and 39 complaints from MPs.  Peter Bone said thousands of students are accused of abusing the system. Cat Smith’s argument that this is an attempt to discourage students from voting looks like what it is – a cynical attempt to get more votes for Labour.

Over 2 million students applied to vote when Mrs. May called a snap election.  How many of these students are double dipping?

The Daily Telegraph reported:  Ministers should investigate developing a new computer system to block duplicate voting and force electors to choose where they will cast their ballot, the electoral commission said last night.

I believe that it is also lack of Tory organisation that is letting these illegal practices flourish.  The Tories aren’t even properly organised on twitter to deal with the flood of smear campaigns, albeit, all from morons who are not politically astute.  Give someone like Dominic Cummings a job rallying the Tories on twitter, because Labour are vulnerable right now.  Corbyn has been revealed as dodgy, and his image as man of the people Mr. Nice Guy is taking a bashing.  Now is the time to exploit the huge chink in Labour’s fake armour.

Update:  Andrew Neil tackles Sarah Champion on student fees, carves her up and serves her flambe!  Apparently it isn’t happening…….

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