Hard evidence that many students voted twice in GE17, outrageous

There is now hard evidence that the rumours are true.  Thousands of students voted twice in GE17, egged on at the polling booths they were “saving their country”. Twitter and Facebook were awash with students and relatives of students, bragging that many had voted twice in the last election.

Students are registered at home and at uni.  The elections watchdog described concerns about mostly students abusing the electoral process by voting both in their university constituency and their homes. 

Seats like Kensington, which the Tories lost by just 20 votes, could have been swayed by illegal double voting.

This Labour Party is renowned for its dishonesty.  Corbyn misled the students that he would abolish/refund student fees, knowing it would cost billions, so was impossible.

McDonnell blamed Tories for lack of social housing, when Labour is clearly to blame.  Maggie build more housing in one year than Blair/Brown in thirteen years.  Maggie was scapegoated by Labour over housing as she was over the closure of the mines.   John McDonnell also well aware fires are down 60%,  and that the closure of 10 fire stations was authorised by top fire chief Ron Dobson. The present fire chief says there was no shortage of manpower at Grenfell.

So when John Grenfell accuses the Tories of murder, if that were true, which it is not, the murderers would be his own party.

The penalty for vote rigging in a general election is £5,000.  The Electoral Commission is investigating the Corbynistas.  Every single student who cheated, should pay that fine, to teach them the seriousness of the offence they committed.

So much for Labour really won!,  eh Mr. Corbyn?

UPDATE:  Today the PM demanded that voting cheats should be reported to the police and prosecuted.   I completely agree, they should be rounded up and made to appear in court.  They should then bear the full force of the law, as should the people at the polling stations who egged them on to cheat.

2 responses to “Hard evidence that many students voted twice in GE17, outrageous

  1. Time this was brought up, Labour voters got away with this deceit until people couldn’t keep it to themselves!

    • I agree. Tories lost Kensington by 20 votes. Except they probably didn’t if students were all voting twice, hard evidence shows 1,000s did that. So all Corbyn’s bragging comes to this! They cheated!

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