Constant attacks on Boris Johnson are making his rivals look desperate

An excellent article by Peter Oborne discusses the vicious plot going on right now to get rid of Boris Johnson and many of the plotters are in the Tory party.  But unless you are on twitter all the time like me, you wouldn’t know that the Get Boris campaigns have been going on for yonks, even before Brexit.

Here are some of the rivals who have been trying to take down Boris,  one or two of them since before Theresa May became PM. They are waxing ever more desperate as they fail to achieve their goal.

Alastair Campbell.  Before Brexit  started Ali C announced on twitter his plan to engineer a Remain win.  “Take out the Brexit charismatic front man.”  He’s been trying ever since.  The modus operandi is ever more virulent smear campaigns that are becoming increasingly desperate.  Nothing seems to work and they are running out of things to say. Motive?  Fear.

George Osborne.  Osbo is so pathologically jealous of Boris, he has been threatening to knife Boris since 2015. When the economy was in the doldrums, Boris helped him get the UK economy on track and Osbo tagged along on Boris’s hugely lucrative trade missions.  But in September 2015, George was bragging to Dan Hodges, he was going to “knife Boris in May!”  Nice guy!  One edition of the London Sadist mentioned Boris 12 times, none of them flattering.   Motive?  Obsession, triggered by low self esteem.

David Davis.  They should be fighting together for Brexit.  That could still happen, because one thing they do share is an unshakeable belief it is for the best for us to leave the EU.  But Davis is reported to be undermining Boris in the press, sinking to fake news.  There are also pics. of him groping Boris’s sister Rachel.  Motive?  Professional jealousy, possibly fanned by the wrong sort of friends.

Philip Hammond.  Journalist James Forsyth says Philip Hammond is “obsessed with Boris. ” Bojo’s leadership chances of Boris Johnson were obviously damaged because he had the guts to come out fighting for Brexit.  He could have taken a back seat, as did many Tory politicians, to preserve their personal support.  Boris led the fight for Brexit, he has always courageously fought for what he believes in.  Unlike Mrs. May and Hammond, both of whom just sat on the sidelines.

Journo James Forsyth.  In June 2016, James  wrote in the Spectator that targeting Boris was making Remain look rattled.  It’s a pity he didn’t take this to heart, because his recent article “Everyone’s out for Boris Johnson” was so unbalanced, it boosted Boris’s profile as an anti-hero. Motive?  Pals with George.  He was only obeying orders.

David’s friends.  Although David Cameron and Boris have sunk their differences, Cam’s Europhile pals cannot forgive Boris for his spectacular, rearguard action in winning against the odds for Brexit, inadvertantly unseating their smoothie boss.   Motive?  Revenge.

But as Confucius said: Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.  And if anyone tries to check on Boris’s grave, open it and you will find it empty.

Update.  David Davis has made appallingly personal comments aimed at Boris Johnson in today’s Sunday Times.  Such comments should have no place in politics, he is losing it.

2 responses to “Constant attacks on Boris Johnson are making his rivals look desperate

  1. Erica mcnaughton

    Noooooo Leave Boris alone, he does a fantastic job. I like him

    • Politics full of power crazed mediocrities, I suppose he is so much better than them, they simply cannot stand it. But they just end up looking stupid.

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