Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

Jeremy Corbyn has always been circumspect about his position on the EU and now we know why.  This clip from  1996, shows his doubts about the EU power grab which would mean we were subservient to Brussels.

Corbyn said “The other concern is democracy in Europe.

“You have a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.”

“Powers have gone from national parliaments, they haven’t gone to the European Parliament, they have gone to the Commission and to some extent the Council of Ministers.

“These are very serious matters. “

Why does Jeremy Corbyn not come out and say this now?  He clearly understood, as early as 1996, that Britain was stumbling into a cast iron arrangement that was far more than just a trade deal, which would mean our rights and freedoms were lost forever.    But to keep his job, he had to pay lip service to Remain.

We now know that Jeremy Corbyn told the students in GE 2017 that he would abolish/refund students, he must have known that this wasn’t possible, it would cost 100 billion. Now he says it was an “aspiration”.  But he didn’t explain during the election,  it was totally out of the question.

Corbyn’s position on Brexit is equally ambiguous. When a reporter insisted that the British people needed to know Labour’s clear Brexit position. “No you don’t,” Mr Corbyn said. “The crucial position is the economic relationship between Britain and Europe in the future. That is the line we have set down.”

Corbyn does not have a clear policy on most things. It is reported that he thinks the EU is a capitalist conspiracy.  But he doesn’t have the balls to make this clear, he would lose votes.  Many believe he is for Remain.   It is  all hints, criticism of the Tories and innuendo.  He also frequently contradicts himself.  He probably won’t be able to get away with this for much longer.

6 responses to “Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

  1. What one says and what one does when there’s a Gravy train at the station don’t leave a lot to the imagination that goes for a lot of MPs


    An edited clip from 21 years ago, hardly fresh off the press.

    • Clip not edited. His actual words. The only reason he is now pretending he is for Remain is to keep his job. Check his voting record. Taking you for a fool.


    l’m no Corbyn fan but you’re being silly

    • Those were his actual words so how am ~I being silly? His reported words. Corbyn cheated in GE17, lied to students and is playing you all for fools over the EU. He has been a Leaver all along, check his voting record.

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