Thuglike bullies on twitter give away Corbyn’s game

Robert Peston should be ashamed at the way he brushed aside the abusive behaviour of Corbynistas.  Apparently a Tory MP has been suspended for using the phrase “n…… in a woodpile”.   Daily Corbynista abuse is a million times worse than this.

Although I am a Tory, many of Mrs. May’s policies and decisions are not policies and decisions I agree with.  But the abuse she gets is over the top.  So indignant have I been at the cussing and blinding she receives, several times, I have told the tweeters responsible that they are out of line. 

Boris Johnson believes in free speech and helpfully retweets the worst insults  about himself on his own timeline.  Not everyone has this level of impeturbability.

It is possible to ignore death threats and threats of violence.  When I first started tweeting for Boris and was told not to go to North London or bad things would happen to me, my first reaction was a fit of the giggles.  But there are deeper issues at play here.

Tories, however Robert Peston tries to misrepresent the matter, do not behave like Corbynistas.  This thuglike bullying is not a Tory thing.

What sort of man is Jeremy Corbyn to have such supporters?  And since he never reproaches them, he obviously endorses them, doesn’t he?  So frankly, Jeremy Corbyn isn’t a very nice person.  And the way he presents himself is a big fat fraud.

For example, the rich middle class youngsters who support Corbo think he will fight Brexit, as Dominic Lawson pointed out today.  Corbo has always regarded the EU as a capitalist conspiracy.  Dominic explains that the EU forbids nationalising vast swathes of industry,  so Corbyn won’t ever change his mind. And the cost of abolishing and refunding student fees is £100 billion.  So that’s not going to happen either.

5 responses to “Thuglike bullies on twitter give away Corbyn’s game

  1. Pretty much – its the politics of chaos – engendered by some pretty unpleasant people – and corbyn is one of the most unpleasant among them

    • Corbyn caught short – lying to students, he knows he can’t repay students. He also can’t cancel student fees, would cost far far too much.

  2. Erica mcnaughton

    Great post as usual.
    I like Boris he is straight forward and I think, very honest.
    I have never voted Conservative until the last general election, but I think I will continue to do so.
    Boris in my eyes is fantastic in foreign policy
    A very clever man.

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