Why Jezza is a Milkshake Duck


What have you actually done today?
You say you care – it’s all come unstuck
You don’t do nuthin. You’re a Milkshake Duck. 

Meaning of Milkshake Duck

Someone who gains fame for something nice and positive, only  afterwards to be revealed as a deeply flawed character, with a shady past, often involving corrosive social/political ideologies, that destroy the goodwill people have towards them. 

Jeremy Corbyn poses as a nice, caring grandpops, who cares for people.  The truth is, he has never achieved anything for the poorest in 40 years.  His supporters on twitter, the “Corbynistas” are an abusive, aggressive group, who attack people, particularly women, with vile abuse, lies and smears.

Corbyn has said he would like to commandeer private property from the owners.  Even though he lost by over 2 million votes, he declares he won.  He is prepared to grab power undemocractically, by brute force, through violent demos and civil unrest.  This will not get him anywhere with the peace loving, fair minded British.

2 responses to “Why Jezza is a Milkshake Duck

  1. Corbyn seems to forget that the people have not been born with a silver spoon in their mouths

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