In a sentence – why we have to leave the EU

Sir Bill Cash explains why we have no alternative but to leave the EU.

Does my right hon. Friend not think that those, such as the Liberal Democrats and others, who want to remain in the European Union should ask their constituents whether they really want the United Kingdom indefinitely to remain part of an undemocratic system that is governed by majority voting that takes place behind closed doors and that is moving towards integration with a common defence policy, a common Finance Ministry and further moves towards a political union in which we would be in the second tier of a two-tier Europe dominated largely by one country?

Valiant Sir Bill has fought for our freedom for nearly 4o years! When people say politicians are no good, I disagree.  Many are great, Sir Bill is in that number.  In fact, the great ones are all Brexiteers. 

One response to “In a sentence – why we have to leave the EU

  1. The people voted to leave Europe becoming a sovereign country once again controlling our borders etc the people don’t want any part of European law controlling us also the government at present have been given a bloody nose wake up you alleged intellectual idiots can you not see a younger generation giving great advice cut austerity cut tuition fees sound advice but again idiots no best can you not see why Corbin gave you the bloody nose he listened time to start not only listening to the electorate but get acting on it

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