Furious Corbo sacks three of his cabinet, and one resigns. Labour in disarray…

As Labour amendment after amendment failed, the fury of Jeremy Corbyn  knew no bounds’   He made the mistake of believing the Corbynista trolls, but now his own party was giving him the finger! On an ego trip that had to be seen to be believe at Glasto,  Corbo has crashed to earth with a juddering thud.   Like Theresa May, he has had a short sharp shock in the vicissitudes of politics. 

It has been clear for a very long time that the moderates in the Labour party cannot bear Corbo, not Abbott or McDonnell either.  Now they have taken their revenge.

Right now, Corbo is sacking front bench members of his shadow cabinet,  four already gone, because they defied his orders to abstain. Labour voted against Corbyn’s wishes in droves.  He clearly doesn’t have a lot of control over the Shadow Cabinet.    Chuka Umunna’s motion to stay in the single market was jumped on by Labour Remainers who pledged to get it through or die!  Death it is.

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