The Decepticons are trying to bring down our PM, Boris and Brexit

Journalist Peter Oborne has written repeatedly that the then PM Cameron and Osbo had done a deal with the Blairites.  He later wrote that Cam was planning to kick out the right wing Brexiteers in the party, in favour of Tristram Hunt and Rachel Reeves, forming a “new” Remainer Tory party.

That plan was foiled by the guts of one man – Boris Johnson, backed by a rock solid phalanx of Brexiteers.   All the advantages were on the side of Remain.  The money, the media, the manpower were Remain’s – but every Brexiteer was so fired up, they were prepared to prevail or die. 

Oh George, we aren’t stupid!  You and  Cam are playing the same Decepticon strategy.  Hence your wacko support of the worst Mayor of London ever, Sadiq Khan!   Of course, you have a shared interest in common, your mutual support of Uber.  Cameron’s kind words supporting Mrs. May were sadly just that.  Words.

Your gauche articles are unflinchingly hostile to the PM and Boris Johnson and you shamelessly  talk up Glasto nutcase Jeremy Corbyn, whose defence policy would be suicidal for Britain.  His manifesto was just one long wish list that even a dope like Jezza knew would ruin the country. The fingerprints of Alastair Campbell were all over Jezza’s media appearances in GE2017.  He was practically spouting Toryism for votes, nice try, but he is such a fool, the wheels are now coming off.

As Corbo and McDonnell mouth their ridiculous Marxist policies, including commandeering private property, and calling the tragedy of Grenfell “murder” the silence of the Labour party is echoing up and down Europe.  Do they have other fish to fry so are letting Corbo and pals hang themselves?

The very soul and spirit of Britain is at stake.  The rights of ordinary people hang in the balance.  This is phase two of the Brexit Wars,  the Decepticons must not win.  We are still,  in the name of freedom, taking the battle to them.

George (Abominus) Osborne has a keen appreciation of the Transformer movies and the techniques of the Decepticons.  His pullout of the latest movie, Transformers,  The Last Knight, is the best thing so far in the paper.  Osbo must be uncomfortably aware that the theme of the film is that freedom is everyone’s right.  So  Alastair (Acid Storm) Campbell will never prevail.  Boris Johnson is Optimus Prime!  Or is he the endearing, valiant Bumblebee?

We were Gods once.  All of us, says Optimus Prime.   Some of us still are.

2 responses to “The Decepticons are trying to bring down our PM, Boris and Brexit

  1. What is going on and I want to know for sure! It was absolutely Alastair Campbell who coached Corbyn during the election. Corbo lied, totally changed his rhetoric and spouted Tory policies. Remoaners are still in bed with the Blairites aiming to nick the centre ground.

  2. Boris is definitely BumbleBee and Cam and Osbo are still deceiving the public.

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