Spoilt brats go to Glasto, so Corbyn fits right in

Where did Corbyn learn about the working classes?  Jeremy was a private school boy, with rich parents,  who has never known pain or want in his life. So he’s comfortable relating to the sort of people who go to Glasto!   Corbo was a spoilt brat as a child, every wish granted.  Ditto the posers at Glasto!

Boris Johnson knows more about pain, deprivation and loss than fakey poo Corbyn will ever know and he doesn’t go around shouting about it! Private schooling and being spoilt silly don’t make you a man of the people, Jeremy!

Dominic Lawson wrote today:    ‘CORBYN bares his soul at Glastonbury and speaks directly to the dispossessed.’ That was the headline on a eulogistic article about the Labour leader’s address to the pop festival, which so captivated one of the countless BBC staff attending that he tweeted a photo of Corbyn taking the crowd’s applause with the caption ‘When you ace the chorus line.’

In reality, Glastonbury is about the least appropriate place in Britain to ‘speak directly to the dispossessed’. Tickets to enter are £238. And while comrade Jeremy spoke to them of ‘building bridges, not walls’, there are barriers all around the festival site to keep out the riff-raff.

The dispossessed of the world would be scandalised by the waste of the types (whether Corbyn fans or not) attending this self-indulgent shindig. After last year’s festival, it took 500 workers three weeks to clean up the mess, at a cost of almost £800,000.

One of those involved in this unpleasant job put out a film on YouTube, and described the scenes of casual devastation: ‘Alcohol, gas bottles, tents, camping chairs, trolleys, airbeds . . . these are horrible people, using other people’s energy to clear up after themselves.’

According to the Glastonbury Free Press, last year 57 tonnes of re-usable items were left behind. They may be termed ‘the dispossessed’ — but only of what they’d thoughtlessly discarded.

You’re welcome to ‘Glasto’, Jeremy: I’d rather spend a weekend anywhere else.

5 responses to “Spoilt brats go to Glasto, so Corbyn fits right in

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  2. Erica mcnaughton

    Great blog as usual
    Thank you

    From widowmac – twitter

  3. Corbyn is an academic flop, best education, only got 2 A levels at E grade! Thrown out of further ed. because he had an argument with the tutor!

  4. Since when did spoilt little boy Corbo, the eternal demonstrator become the voice of the working classes? Private schoolboy, spoilt rotten, lefty media darling!

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