Shame on you, John McDonnell, you lied over Grenfell Tower

Labour lost the last election,  partly because, as usual, they ran a dishonest campaign.   John McDonnell is still trying to wage class warfare with the same strategy of planting fake news, smearing leading Tories and outright lying.  Grenfell victims have said they do not want their anguish used for political purposes,  McDonnell doesn’t give a damn. 

McDonnell’s accusation, shames his office,   Politicising the Grenfell tragedy is all he cares about.  Desperate to whip up hate, McDonnell used the word “murder”. 

The shadow chancellor said the failure to invest in more homes and to cut the number of firefighters ‘contributed’ to the deaths.

Lack of social housing again is, according to Labour, all the fault of the evil Tories. Under Blair/Brown, the social housing built in 13 years equalled the housing built by Maggie in one year.  Check it out with London Assembly member Tom Copley,  John!   He wasn’t happy to admit that either.

The Spectator had this to say in November 2014:

Under Labour governments also, social housing passed into private hands far faster than under Tory Prime Ministers.

Labour councils now are still rushing to sell off social housing.    The link is only one example of many. It is actually the Tory party that can claim to be the party of council housing,  proves the Spectator. 

Boris Johnson was scrupulous in checking a wide range of opinions before he closed 10 stations out of 112, when statistics proved fires were down 60%.  It is vital that we know every single change that Boris made was authorised by top fire chief, the then commissioner Ron Dobson.

The cuts were also supported by LSE Professor Tony Travers, who believes the  modernisation of the fire service is vital.   He said cuts will continue for a decade whoever is Mayor.  By the way, Sadiq Khan isn’t exactly rushing to reinstate the stations.  And surprise!  His promises for social housing are a  bust!

In his eagerness to attack the Tories as viciously as possible,  John McDonnell didn’t even attempt to do any research.  A stroppy leftie said to me on twitter:  The truth doesn’t matter.  Perception is all.  Not from where I’m sitting.  Ordinary people are sick of being lied to.  More and more, they crave the attitude of the cop in the movie L A Confidential.  The facts Jack!  Just the facts!

Update:  Today the head of the Fire Brigade said there was no problem with man power when fighting the blaze at Grenfell Tower.   John McDonnell was rebuked by John Healey, Shadow Housing Minister.  Statistics show that the Tories are the party of social housing, if anyone should be blamed, it is Labour on both counts.

6 responses to “Shame on you, John McDonnell, you lied over Grenfell Tower

  1. Why are the Tories so slow to call Labour out on dishonesty? Labour accuse the Tories of it at the drop of a hat but the Tories seem to let Labour just get away with it.

    • We are trying Sally! I have two twitter teams doing just, We unite and call out Labour on their lies. Wanna join?
      Labour pay trolls in vast droves to run smear campaigns, we don’t do that.

    • People are complaining about how quickly I pop up to refute Labour lies on twitter, right this minute!

    • Easy to complain Sally but what do you do?

  2. Not one word of McDonnell’s nasty politicising was true! Labour never invested in social housing, selling it off as fast as they can to property developers. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME

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