Oaf Jeremy Corbyn insults the Queen

Oafish Jeremy Corbyn showed his contempt for our much loved Queen by refusing to bow to her in Parliament today as is the tradition.  Instead he smirked and winked like the outright yob he is.  Corbyn despises the Royals, he despises British tradition and he despises our history. 

Even worse, he failed to ask about the health of the 96 year old Duke of Edinburgh.  This behaviour, on the occasion of the Queen’s Speech along with his silly statement that  private property should be stolen from its owners to house the homeless and his insistence on a “Day of Rage” will not endear him to ordinary people. 

The Queen is loved and needed by her people.  Her strength sustains us and her wisdom guides us.  Queen Elizabeth supports Brexit and wants us to “get on with it!”

The Day of Rage was a flop.  Instead of a million people, overthrowing the government, wreaking revenge on innocent people, and wrecking businesses, only 500 turned up.  The victims of Grenfell Tower made in plain that they would be deeply upset if their pain was hijacked by lefty politicians out to politicize the appalling tragedy.

On twitter today, Labour were absolutely hysterical.  It is sinking in that however momentarily popular Corbyn was in the last election, because many students voted twice,  Corbo and McDonnell are, as the Tories said, unelectable.

Corbyn is a dodo bird on its last legs, who insults the Queen and has ideas that are unacceptable to the mainstream.   His hard left agenda is too much for most people to swallow.  And now Labour are stuck with him!  They have fallen into a trap of their own making, hence the OTT hysteria of Labour tweeters today.

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