Let’s steal private property says Labour leader Corbyn

There is an outpouring of sympathy for the victims of Grenfell Tower, but sadly, Jeremy Corbyn went completely over the top.   It is one thing for the wacko great grandpops to come over all cuddly and harmless, it is quite another to urge people to break the law.

A typical Corbyn supporter

The answer to finding housing for desperate victims of the tragedy is to take over empty flats said the wacko Labour leader.  It is true that there are empty flats in Kensington, but commandeering private property is theft.  Encouraging people to steal is not appropriate behaviour for a party leader.  The appalling thing is he clearly meant it.

Lawyer Keir Starmer was repeatedly asked on twitter if he agreed with this, but didn’t reply.  He should.  “Qui tacet consentit”  might not be legally binding, but refusing to answer could still taken as being all for it, we’ve all seen “A Man for All Seasons!” 

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly said he won the election and was preparing to form a government.  Labour unity was shattered today as the claim was mocked by  one of his own Labour MP.  

In a scathing attack, Neil Coyle, MP Bermondsey and Old Southwark, accused Mr Corbyn of “triumphalism”, adding that the party’s current position was nothing more than a “false dawn”

Doubts are growing about exactly how much aging Jeremy Corbyn does understand.   Maybe he actually believed he had beaten Theresa May.

Corbyn supporters are weirdos to say the least.  They range from vile mouthed thugs who attack women on twitter and spray words around like c…… and f…… or worse,  to downright oddballs.  These bullies seeking civil unrest don’t sit well with Corbyn’s image as the kindly great grandfather of the nation.

Corbyn maybe shouldn’t celebrate too soon.  The signs are there he is about to come horribly unstuck.

12 responses to “Let’s steal private property says Labour leader Corbyn

  1. What a load of crap, fake news alert! I’m pretty sure there’s a law preventing uninformed people from broadcasting spurious material to the public. I’m not too sure if it’s just defamation of character, slander or just a plain old libel case? Whatever, it shouldn’t be allowed!

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  3. The state could sequester property, legally

    • Can you provide proof for this? Privately owned property? Under what circumstances?

      • Jeremy would just have to frame the appropriate legislation – I wouldn’t be too keen on it, personally, but remember when Arab oil money started to push “old” Mayfair out to Highgate. Those wowzers then took over Muswell Hill. It’s irritating

      • He would not get a bill commandeering private property through Parliament. His damn fool far left ideas not backed by Labour moderates, Starmer not very happy.

      • That rump has sat too long! lol

  4. People who have power or want power should teach the people to do things within the law

    • The only time the government can sequester private property is in time of war. Corbyn is egging on thugs to steal property belonging to people who legally own it.

      • At least he didn’t mention Buckingham Palace – that usual raving bedlamite stand-by

      • Since when is Jeremy Corbyn the definitive voice for the working classes, he was a private schoolboy, spoilt rotten all his life! He knows about as much about pain and loss as Imelda Marcos!

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