Next party leader? The perfect woman is waiting in the wings!

She’s feisty.  She has been part of a political family all her life.  She is a tomboy,  who can field a catch like a pro.  She has tussled with brothers all her life, all much bigger than her.

She is mouthy and can make a point as forcefully as the best of them.  She knew sorrow and heartache as a child.  She is no spoilt princess, who throws hissy fits and whines if she breaks a nail. She has strong, clear views.  She can argue her case until the cows come home and until they go out again for milking in the morning!  And milk them too! 

The public would warm to a fresh face, who has brains and heart.  She’s media savvy.

She could sock it to Cleggers, Paddy and wee Timmy, all at the same time, should the need arise. She is so much more appealing, because of her natural ability to attack,  than any of the old geezers lining up for the job.

The movie “Wonder Woman” is breaking box office records.  If there is one thing men, as well as women enjoy, it is to see a woman beating the crap out of men. The public are crying out for a strong female leader.  When is Rachel Johnson going to get herself a Lib Dem seat and make her move?

One response to “Next party leader? The perfect woman is waiting in the wings!

  1. Can’t do any harm having “The Lady” on board. With any luck she’s a Soroptimist

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