Survivors feel the strength and sympathy of our Queen

Our Queen has always been quiet and reserved,  but survivors drew on her strength and sympathy as she toured the crowds of distraught survivors of Grenfell Towers with Prince William.

This is the worst thing I have ever seen, said the Queen quietly.  “She looked straight into my eyes”  said a young mum  ” I felt how she cared.” The Queen is aware of the “dark mood” of the country right now, and she understands that it is a direct consequence of the terrible tragedies that have hit London in the past few months. 

The Queen and Duke of Cambridge visited a rest centre near Grenfell Towers this morning to meet victims of the fatal blaze and emergency service workers who had helped in the aftermath.  They then spent some time talking to fire fighters, who had heroically battled the blaze.

The tiny figure of the monarch hardly reached the shoulders of the men who had risked their lives every time they rushed into the burning building. There are no words to express what tumultuous feelings must have surged round the unflinching figure of Queen Elizabeth at one of the most traumatic moments she has ever experienced in her 64 year reign.

“I’ll be back” the Queen said quietly as she left.  Your country needs you now.

3 responses to “Survivors feel the strength and sympathy of our Queen

  1. The Queen is fantastic, always there when we need her, at age of 90!

  2. A wonderful Queen for what at one time was a wonderful country being ruined by a few people who think they know best

    • The Queen IS wonderful. But there are good and bad MPs in all parties. I don’t agree with some of the things done by the Tories. When I attended the London Assembly, I found out councils were selling off social housing to property companies for vast sums. I didn’t agree with that, and it was mostly Labour councils.

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