Boris speaks out re. “political game playing” about the Grenfell tragedy

Unusually, Boris Johnson has spoken out about the “political game playing” surrounding the Grenfell Tower tragedy like a malign cloud.  Isn’t the suffering bad enough?   The london fire safety plan referred to below was backed by top fire chief Ron Dobson. 

Boris said:

There has sadly been some political game playing about the terrible fire in London. I find it unbelievable that Labour are suggesting that this tragedy was somehow caused by fire service cuts.

The fire brigade was there astonishingly quickly and performed with great bravery. 

As for the record, fires in London went down 50 per cent in my mayoralty.

Fire deaths down year after year.

London has fastest appliance response times in the country.

Sadiq Khan conducted his own review of the london fire safety plan. If he felt that the provision in Kensington was deficient he had ample budget to change it.

Any attack on emergency services performance is outrageous politicking by labour.”

One response to “Boris speaks out re. “political game playing” about the Grenfell tragedy

  1. The fire fighters ARE amazing. But equally, cuts are essential. As LSE prof. Tony Travers said, cuts will go on for next decade.

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