SENSATION. In GE 2010, student told he could vote twice

An Oxford student was told at the polling booth in the GE in 2010 that because of a “quirk for students” he could vote twice. He had voted in the General Election by postal vote, so came in to vote in the council elections.  But he was told that he could vote again.

The student, knowing this was illegal, didn’t vote again and reported the incident to the authorities.  This happened in 2010.   Students should not be registered in two places.  There is too much temptation to vote twice.

There needs to be a major investigation of all student areas, to check for wrong doing.   We all know what happened in Tower Hamlets. What is going on…….? Students are being told they can vote twice in council elections.  See below.

Because it isn’t like a man of authenticity would fiddle the system.  Is it ?

UPDATE.   The notice above from a uni. notice board has been withdrawn by the university students, which i find odd.  It stated that it was legal to vote in two councils, but an offence to vote twice in a GE.  This could be a way of notifying students that there was a loophole in the system though.  I find it beyond belief that some students would not take advantage of this.

12 responses to “SENSATION. In GE 2010, student told he could vote twice

  1. Have also put the date in the first sentence! You cannot really complain any more can you Dave, and I am entitled to say what I am saying because we have free speech in the UK. Am sure you would not wish to shut this down.

    I have had a huge response to this article.

  2. Fake News. The story is from 2010.

    • Just because the article is old, does not mean it is fake news. There is obviously
      a loophole here, if students are registered in two areas, uni and home. It is highly UNLIKELY
      many students did not take advantage. If not, you have nothing to fear from an investigation.

      • Reporting a 7 year old story as if it is current is just about as fake as it gets. The authorities have had 7 years to investigate, I wonder if they actually found any inappropriate voting?

      • I haven’t reported it as though it were current, said on twitter, incident happened in 2010, also alterned blog. Check before you hurl false allegations. If there was a problem then, there could be a problem now.

      • Hurl false allegations? But it says “BREAKING” for a seven year old story. You’ve added the sentence “This happened in 2010” which was missing from the original story. So you did report it as if it were current, which is either a mistake or dishonest. Either way, it’s hardly an accusation on my part to state a fact.

      • It was a genuine mistake. I didn’t notice the date and should have checked more carefully. Will also change the headline. As soon as I was told the article was 2010, I changed the blog. May I say, I believe the chance that many students DID vote twice to be very great, because the socialism that pervades our university is resulting in a lack of balance.

        The view of the right is being shut down because there are far too many socialist lecturers.

        In the interest of accuracy, I have added the date to the title, there is now absolutely no doubt that this incident happened in the 2010 election. But I repeat, I believe many students DID vote twice and there should be a proper investigation. Also the loophole that students are registered at home and also in the area they go to uni. should be closed.


      This lady says her grandson was told to do it and they are all at it.

      Definitely should be a MAJOR investigation.

  3. About 10 years too late! That article was from 2010!! So, is this re-cycling or a new ocurrence?

    • OK you are right that it is an old article. But if students can vote twice in council elections, there is a chance they could abuse the system, as thousands are clearly registered in two areas, uni and home. This needs to be investigated properly.

  4. I trust all seats are being investigated immediately, this is an outrage, students allowed, to vote twice??

    • The article is a very old article, but I still think it is hugely dangerous to allow students to be registered both at home and at uni.

      Students should be allowed to choose. Register at home or at uni, NOT both – asking for students to abuse the system.

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