Corbyn is a worse traitor than Kim Philby

There is fury throughout London at the latest terror attack, and huge admiration for the lightning and heroic response from the Met.  Boris Johnson does not  believe that Jeremy Corbyn is capable of defending us from terror. So let’s look at Corbyn’s record.Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has refused to back terror measures or measures against radicalisation 56 times.  He calls Hezbollah his friends. He wanted the IRA to win.

He has made it plain he will never ever use Trident. He has never agreed with having more police on the streets.

For years, Corbyn has opposed the shoot to kill policy.  Now, cynically in the last 3 weeks he has changed his mind to win the election.

Anti Semiticism is a huge problem in this Labour party and Corbyn has refused to deal with it.

John McDonnell has said he wants to close down MI5 and MI6.  Corbyn wants Diane Abbott to be Home Secretary, whose views are similar to his. Diane has made controversial statements about white people.

Corbyn laid a wreath at the grave of the Palestinian terrorist  who was involved in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.  The Daily Telegraph has printed the same story.  

  • He went to Tunisia to pay tribute to Palestinians ‘killed by Mossad agents in Paris’
  • Mr Corbyn appears to have been referring to Atef Bseiso who was killed in 1992
  • Bsesio was involved in the 1972 Munich massacre, in which 11 Israelis were killed
  • It comes as Corbyn was finally forced to admit he met convicted IRA terrorists.

Cynically, Corbyn has changed some of these views in the last 4 weeks,  to become more palatable as a candidate for PM.   It’s up to you to decide whether to believe him or not.

 Update:  During GE 2017, Corbyn lied that he would cancel and refund student fees.  He has since reneged on this promise.

4 responses to “Corbyn is a worse traitor than Kim Philby

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  4. The speed at which Corbo has adapted to spin and toxic politics gives the lie to his so called integrity. Anyone who has the bare faced gall to change his views in election month and pretend he means it has to be shallow and opportunistic and on the make in the extreme.

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