Brilliant Boris Johnson ridicules the “yammering cacophany” of the BBC stitchup last night

OMIGOD.  I am not a May fun, but the PM could not have made a better decision than to shun the bitter leftie losers who seized the opportunity to spew venom in last night’s BBC debate.

Caroline Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP man who replaced Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron did real damage to their reputations by spouting incorrect facts and sinking to personal abuse.  They all, except for UKIP’s Paul Nuttall, made wild, unfunded promises, unfettered by the need to explain how these would be paid for.

The most important issue in the country, Brexit, was, probably understandably, hardly mentioned.

They have all espoused free movement, and UKIP’s Paul Nuttall was practically lynched for saying that Islamic fundamentalism was the cause of terror acts.  Egos ran wild.  Amber Rudd deserves much credit for keeping her cool in such an appallingly uncontrolled and unfair event.

Good call Mrs. May, they couldn’t even agree between themselves. Boris Johnson’s interviews on Good Morning Britain and the BBC this morining, put this load of losers firmly in their places, Amber Rudd  was dignified in spite of it all, Paul Nuttall made some good points, but was howled  down.

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