Blazing Boris calls Sadiq Khan “spineless” over Crossrail 2 and attitude to terrorism

Boris Johnson went for “spineless” Sadiq Khan in the Standard today, with all guns blazing. Boris beat a 19 point swing to Labour to take the Mayoralty, so he knows what he is talking about and under Sadiq, London, once number one city in the world, is going to the dogs.

The stinging criticism of the previous Mayor must have cut liked a whiplash, but what does Sadiq expect?  Nearly every pledge broken!  Housing, fares, and his promise to black cab drivers broken that if one Uber driver was found with no papers, he would pull their entire licence!  All just empty words!  A thousand broken regs. from Uber,  and nothing’s changed.

Speaking to ITV News, Boris said: “It’s up to him frankly to put police out on the beat – he has got the powers to do it.

“It’s up to him to get proper financing for TfL. It’s up to him to get Crossrail 2 done. Where is he? What on earth is going on with Crossrail 2?“I’ve never seen such a spineless performance frankly from City Hall on Crossrail 2. Absolutely hopeless.

There are great projects that London deserves and needs that are going by the board because of the apathy and gelatinous, glutinous, uselessness of the current administration in City Hall.”

Sadiq claims to be tackling pollution, but as usual it’s all talk!  There are so many minicabs on the road, the air is filthy, and gridlock is the last thing we need to expedite the economy.

Boris was an outanding fund raiser,  he raised billions in foreign investment, millions in deals and £500 million in funding.  There is no doubt that adiq is short of money, but after one disastrous European fund raising tour, which raised precisely zilch, Sadiq seems to have given up.  It’s his job to complete the funding for the Garden Bridge, raising £30 – 50 million should be child’s play for a competent Mayor!

And therein lies the whole point.  The job is very hard and Sadiq is simply not up to it.  He insists that TfL has made the case for Crossrail 2 to the Government and it is the Tories who are holding things up.  But Sadiq is Mayor!

When the Tories wanted to cancel Crossrail 1, Boris Johnson personally fought to the finish for the project.  HE made the case to George, NOT TfL!   When Osbo said No! Boris laid his job on the line and got in through!

We will die in a ditch for Crossrail, said Boris then.  Sadiq has no passion.  He is not arsed to fight for anything.  He is a useless, passionless wimp.  And that’s why London is going to the dogs!

UpDate:  Sadiq Khan also cut police numbers, even though a few months before, Boris Johnson urged Government never to reduce numbers below 32,000. Read London Assembly member Steve O’Connell’s excellent article in Con Home on link.

2 responses to “Blazing Boris calls Sadiq Khan “spineless” over Crossrail 2 and attitude to terrorism

  1. Laissez faire attitude to terror a disgrace! Practically saying Get used to it!

  2. it’s about time that Londoners got wise to Sadiq Khan. He has been an utterly useless Mayor, broken every pledge, useless fund raiser, too lazy to fight for anything.

    His comment that terror attacks are part of living in a city an absolute scandal! In other words, give in, surrender, get used to it!

    Why is this Mayor not kicked out??

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