At NATO, Donald Trump separates the men from the boys

The NATO meeting today, headed by President Donald Trump, was also attended by Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon and at last the vile EU chiefs found out exactly what they are up against. 

The President drilled Donald Tusk with a terrifying,  icy gaze, and crushed the hand of Emmanuel Macron so forcefully that the French President nearly screamed with pain.  As shown on Fox News, the US President then draped his arm round the shoulder of Boris Johnson, and engaged him in warm conversation, exuding charm.  It was epic.

The EU Chiefs then found themselves at the receiving end of the worst dressing down of their young lives and the President didn’t hold back.  Mr Trump had come to Brussels – a city he memorably referred to as a “hellhole” – to make plain that America is fed up with picking up the tab for Europe’s security: some 70% of all Nato spending comes from Washington. 23 out of 28, said the furious Commander in Chief were not pulling their weight.

Yup!  There’s a new Sheriff in town and it’s pretty clear who’s side he’s on.  The President knows how to play hardball and never has it been more richly deserved.  They were pulverised.   The days when the EU chiefs could gang up against an insurgent like spiteful little girls, to jibe, sneer and get their own way are clearly long long gone.

Update: What Donald Trump said to Boris Johnson!  It’s a compliment to be told I look like you! 

2 responses to “At NATO, Donald Trump separates the men from the boys

  1. Also funny! they were cringing like whipped curs!

  2. Well spoken mr trump

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