Boris Johnson nicks Peston’s questions before interview, the scamp

When Boris Johnson told kids at junior schools, Always grab your opportunities, he probably didn’t have this in mind, but as the most stitched up MP in politics, who can blame him?From the look of pure enjoyment on his face, as he calmly absorbed all Pesto’s interview on paper, the raid was definitely worth it.   Boris went on to give an outstanding interview.

Peston did his best to interrupt, but Boris just barrelled right over him,  When Peston pointed out that the “dementia tax” as Labour are calling it, wasn’t even put to the Cabinet, Boris ignored the question.  Boris backed up his leader, but he did say that there would be a consultation. With Boris trampling over all his objections, Peston’s voice was getting higher and higher as every so called lethal point was shot down.  Boris’s spokesman said “Boris was not indicating any watering down whatsoever, he was simply stating the fact that you consult on policies like this.”

This is not the first time that Boris has seized the chance to check out the substance of an interview. Standing next to Ken Livingstone before a debate, Ken was holding his notes in such a way that Boris was able to absorb the substance, most of which was untrue insults about and against Bojo!   Boris took full advantage, and performed outstandingly in the debate!  Needs must when the devil drives.

One response to “Boris Johnson nicks Peston’s questions before interview, the scamp

  1. Really funny and let’s admit he has be done up by dishonest journalists so often, about time someone did it back to them. Boris obviously delighted, knows all about grabbing your opportunities.

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