Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on Sadiq Khan as Uber rapes soar!

There have been 32 rapes by Uber drivers in a year and still heartless Sadiq Khan keeps handing out the licences.  The rape figures started to soar when Osbo was handling TfL and Uber, and it is alleged his cheery comment was “Don’t tell passengers!  They will stop taking minicabs! “

The Sun reported:  “The California-based firm has been hit with a string of sexual assault claims in the US and it was banned in New Delhi, India, after a passenger was raped.”

The Sun requested information from 14 police forces on sexual attacks
involving Uber drivers in the year to February.

Only two forces responded with figures. Why are the police concealing the facts and protecting Uber?

The Sun also reported:  “Meanwhile, the Met in London dealt with 154 allegations involving taxi drivers, including minicabs, private chauffeurs and even rickshaw riders. Of those, 32 involved Uber drivers — the equivalent of one alleged attack every 11 days.

I do not believe even one of these allegations if  sexual,  involved a black cab driver. Allegations could mean parking offences.

32 rapes involved Uber drivers that is one every 11 days.

When will Sadiq Khan do something about the scourge that is Uber?  Is he so dead to decent feeling and so obsessed with his own career that he is prepared to sacrifice Londoners so he can continue to rake off the the rich pickings from Uber licences?  In spite of gridlock and in spite of the children dying from pollution!

Sadiq could pull Uber’s licence right here and right now!

Shame.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame if Sadiq Khan renews the licence of a company that is savaging the lives of so many.

More great Uber news!  Uber has found a new way of ripping off both customers and their drivers!  How much longer must London suffer this abomination, a scourge on decent people!

2 responses to “Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on Sadiq Khan as Uber rapes soar!

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  2. Utterly callous decision making by Sadiq Khan. Uber banned for rapes in Delhi, but here allowed to continue.

    How can Sadiq justify renewing Uber’s licence? What a liar he is.

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