Hampstead and Kilburn must grab the chance to make Claire Louise Leyland an MP

Trained therapist Claire Louise Leyland cared enough to volunteer and go to the Syrian/Turkish border to help distraught Syrian orphans.  That alon gets her my vote.

In politics talk is easy….  it’s what politicians achieve that counts.  If that’s the yardstick picking Claire Louise Leyland as the next MP for Hampstead and Kilburn is a no brainer. As first glance  quiet, modest and shy, Claire Louise has an impressive range of talents, every one of them is linked to service – of people or her country.

Claire Louise used her artistic sensitivity to help others by becoming an art therapist. Her leadership skills are evident when she leads the Opposition on Camden Council, and she has a great track record, but her achievements in other areas show what an exceptional person she is.

Claire volunteered to work with Syrian refugees on the Turkish border.  In contrast, Tulip Siddiq has used the suffering of Syrian children as political ammunition, berating Boris Johnson for “having forgotten about” Syrian children.  This is a outright falsehood as his record on Syria shows.

Boris has the best record for social justice in Parliament, but this doesn’t fit Tulip’s “cruel Tories” narrative.

Boris checked what would be best psychologically for Syrian orphans, and found that frogmarching them to a strange country, where they don’t speak the language,  would further hurt and disorientate child refugees.  (see link).  So every action he took was based on an understanding of the childrens’ needs.  The aid we send to Syria is the highest in the world, 2.3 billion.

Claire used her training as an art therapist in Syria to counsel and support children with post traumatic stress disorder.  While lefties preached, using Syrians to play politics, Claire quietly volunteered and went out to help.

She has a practical streak.  She was an army reservist, so understands the importance of national security and of protecting British interests at home and abroad. Claire voted Remain, she lived and studied in France, but believes backing the decision of the voters is a healthy sign of democracy, good woman!

Claire is an inspirational candidate and Hampstead must grab the chance to make someone of such outstanding calibre their MP.

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