Who will help our doctor and nurses?

This is empathy fatigue,  This is how you feel when you are so emotionally and physically exhausted,  you are at the end of your rope.  Our nurses and doctors are being reduced to this state because our National Health Service, the pride of this country for decades, is now chronically overloaded.

If you dare say this aloud, you are jumped on by the ignorant.  Brexiteers are accused of racism, for saying we cannot cope with the stress of more patients in our hospitals, and more pupils in our schools.

The strain on housing is so bad, veteran soldiers are sleeping rough on the streets because they have no homes to go to.  Some of them are so hurt emotionally, they become suicidal.

A nurse at the Royal Free, eyes red rimmed with fatigue, still smiling,  said to me “There is one problem and one problem only.  We can no longer cope with the numbers. It’s all getting out of hand.”

Nurses are going to food banks.  Can’t we help in some way with that? Donate tea bags and coffee?  or donations in a box at every hospital desk (security protected)? Boris Johnson was thumped for suggesting Let’s give £…… to NHS!  Strikes me he had a point.

This is nothing to do with racism.  The problem is numerical.  It’s funny that if we raise the subject of the overloaded NHS and the stressed out staff,  most people immediately fixate on the problems of the incoming patients.  There are many many arguments going on about how best to deal with refugees, genuine and not so genuine. Those arguments are for other blogs.

This blog is about the care givers, our nurturers, who bind wounds, soothe frightened children, diagnose our suffering, dole out the right medicine and deliver our babies.  They deal with the desperately sick, often get them well and help the dying.  What can we do to help them?  Because they need our help and they need it now.

3 responses to “Who will help our doctor and nurses?

  1. No-one ever thinks about the care givers, always the victims. Care givers are buckling under the stress now. Too many people.

  2. Very difficult to help a lost cause when you idiots in government put a brake on the immigration into this country it will help a bit how clever again of government to get ward after ward closed over the years when we get politicians who can look forward instead of 4/5 year term and listen to the people who work in our hospitals it’s only going down the drain as it is now !

  3. The Royal Free says the problem is overcrowding., just too many patients to look after now.

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