Under Sadiq Khan, London is going to the dogs

Eleven victims died from knife crime in 16 days, reported the London Standard on 11th May 2017.  There has been a shift revealed by statistics which shows that only a quarter of knife carriers are now linked to gangs. This compares to 10 deaths a year from 2008/9 and 2010/11 under Boris Johnson.

Our brilliant police believe more young people are now carrying knives for differing reasons, including status, criminality and increasingly for self-protection.

The Standard reported:  The Met’s response to the crisis has been a mixture of enforcement with a greater emphasis on diversionary tactics, such as engaging with schools – including more schools officers – and encouraging role models to engage with young men with an anti-violence message. DCS Gallagher says interviews with young people have revealed there is a need for more black role models in society, in particular in politics and policing.

Eleven deaths in 16 days!  From 10 days in an entire year,   (2008/9 and 2010/2011 ), but as Boris said at the time,  even one death is too much.

Under Sadiq Khan, London is rapidly going to the dogs.  Pollution is abominable, my sneezing, coughing and choking has reached Olympic standard, and the choking on the bus indicates I am not alone.  Black cab drivers speak of dire gridlock, and safety standards that are sinking like a stone, but still Mayor Sadiq Khan flatly refuses to apply for legislation to cap minicabs.

Pollution and traffic gridlock have to be badly hurting the London economy.

Apparently money is short, but unlike his predecessor, Mayor Sadiq’s fund raising skills are so lamentable, he has not raised a penny piece in foreign investment.  He has been a year in the job, but every trend is resolutely down.  Maybe it would help  if Said Khan took responsibility.

He blandly has nothing to say on the appalling treatment of black cab drivers. He wants the money from new  licences. that’s the only explanation for the hell he  is putting them through.

His  reaction to reports of the worsening of pollution was to storm “This is appalling, kids are dying…..” as though it was all absolutely nothing to do with him.

To the shame of Sadiq Khan, rape is soaring in the capital.

As knife deaths soar, traffic gridlocks and pollution grows, when will Sadiq Khan get a grip? Sadiq is so short of ideas, he has even pinched Boris johnson’s strategy.    Londoners are jeering, Boris is still running London!

Update:  Another terror attack in London.  The third.  When Boris was Mayor, there was only one terror attack in London in 8 years.

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